Laurus consulting believes in setting a new example by providing unparalleled service to all clients. We break previous records by constantly reinventing ourselves and redesigning shifts to improve performance and exceed customer expectations.

Corporate Training and Recruitment

We offer corporate training solutions for our clients using our pool of expert domain full time and contract trainers. Our corporate training consultants hold rich industry experience, ensuring that the corporate training here is both competitive and useful for your company. Our professional approach in training will make sure that your employees have the right skill set to achieve higher productivity, profitability, sales, market share, and customer retention.

Dexterous recruitment services

Our Recruitment Service is a one-stop-shop for all your staffing needs in a cost-effective manner. A deep understanding of our clients’ needs is our strength, and we are backed by experienced recruiters to help find the right candidate for your skill set. We strive to achieve maximum conversion rates with our clients by providing them value for money and time invested in us.

Outsourced recruitment

Our Recruitment Service provides the right channels to find the right candidates for your needs. Our service is a real bargain as it saves you the hassle of hiring a full-time employee for this purpose and makes the whole process smoother and faster. The accuracy of the evaluated candidates provided to our clients is a symbol of our efficiency and primary screening capabilities.

 As one of India’s most trusted consulting firms, we provide bespoke solutions and services to help businesses across all industries and geographies succeed in India. We focus on delivering actionable and timely results to solve our clients’ core problems and enable them to grow and lead. From Indian market entry strategies, acquisitions, partnerships and turnaround services, to setting up manufacturing facilities in India and hiring talent, we help companies understand the market, grow their operations, create new business and We help you compete effectively.


Our extensive services offered to premium clients

Motivational training

Contextualization of work, training to improve workflow, how to manage fear & desire, Techniques creating motivational climate, motivation & performance correlation, goal setting, influencing skills.

Soft Skill Training

Communications training, Group Discussions, Public Speaking, Career Mapping, group games, inter & intra personal communication.

HR Training

SWOT Analysis, E.Q Analysis, Aptitude and IQ Analysis, crtical thinking, recruitments, performance management and aptitute training.

Sales Training

Instant sales techniques, Art of prospecting, Negotiation tactics, Objection handling, closing techniques, presentation techniques

Stress Management Training

Subconscious mind training, group games, conflict & crisis management techniques, self realization, changing perception & emotions, keys to resilience.

Outbound Training

Trekking from point A to B, they have to overcome the hurdles & reach in time. During the trekking there will have various tasks to complete like jumping, Zipline in nature, rock descending, rock climbing, mind games, leadership games, tent setting, rain shelter etc.


Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach and is proactive, detailed and targeted. This process begins with understanding the client’s needs and continues through post-hire client and candidate follow-up. The key principles of our search methodology focus on: